Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scott Firefighter Challenge & Physical Fitness

Yesterday, we stopped over at Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge event when it came to our home town here in Lexington, KY. In case you don't know what this is it's an event that is shown on ESPN that shows the public the physical rigors of our jobs. We know that dragging a fully charged 2 1/2 inch hoseline is hard - but does your neighbors know it? Probably not. They just don't have that frame of reference.

The Firefighter Combat Challenge is for the public to know they physical exertion required when firefighter's perform the job. It's also a competition. There isn't another demographic of people that I know that are more competitive than firefighters. We are the only breed of individuals that can take a simple task and make it into a competition. Who can pull the most of anything? Who can lift the most? Do the most? It's all fun and games to us though. With this competition and display, firefighters get to compete as well as display the rigors of our job to the public. We win (and we will win), and the public wins (but really we win).

This is called the toughest two minutes in sports. The Challenge seeks to encourage firefighter fitness and demonstrate the profession's rigors to the public. Wearing "full bunker gear" and the SCOTT Air-Pak breathing apparatus, pairs of competitors race head-to-head as they simulate the physical demands of real-life firefighting by performing a linked series of five tasks including climbing the 5-story tower, hoisting, chopping, dragging hoses and rescuing a life-sized, 175 lb. "victim" as they race against themselves, their opponent and the clock.

It requires us to be really physically fit. Some of us are not. We all know that cardiovascular incidents (heart attacks) are the biggest killers of firefighters. It's not fire, it's not the vehicle accidents, it's heart attacks. For the longest time, the fire service was resistant to being "in-shape". We have no need to be in the shape of an athlete because we fight fire. We put wet stuff on hot stuff. But really is that all we do? It's not.

In recent years after the initiatives were put in place to get firefighters in shape - improvements have been made and some of us have jump on the health train. Our job, to do it effectively, really requires that we are in shape. I can remember times when I have been on a fire and when things really got rough and it took a lot of time to knock the fire down, I was done. I was tired and just ran out of juice. What good was I then? I was useless. My team needed me and I was ready to play a non physical role. If there were victims, (which is not the case) , in this incident I couldn't really have helped. I am sure all of us have been there at some point. My point is that we are required to fight the fight as long as the fire is putting up a fight. Can you do this?

Guys (and gals), it's time to get on the health train. I for one am not the most physically fit person in the world, but for those of you in the same boat as that, and who want to continue to be a firefighter, for your own safety - make it a priority to eat healthier. Again - this is not the "pot calling the kettle black". I too have room for improvement. Not only does your job expect you to do the things we have to do, but any potential victim does, and your family expects you to come home at the end of the night.

These guys and gals yesterday displayed exemplary physical fitness this weekend. The event included volunteers from The Kentucky Fire Commission, The Lexington KY Division Of Fire & Emergency Services, The IAFF Local 526 and other organizations throughout Kentucky. The professionalism displayed by the personnel from these agencies was supurb. These people are some of the absolute finest in the country. The event was perfect with some great weather and I commend everyone who pulled it off.

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge travels the country to demonstrate the physical demands that the public does not know we must endure. The question is - can you?

Scott Firefighter Challenge - Lexington, KY

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soundoff Apex & Soundoff Skyfire LED Lightbars

We have been informed that there are some new advancements coming in the tune of new LED lightbars from Sound Off Signal. SoundOff Signal has been developing new innovations in technology in the warning light industry for over 30 years. They invented the headlight flasher or the wig-wag as we know it today.

Soon we'll be stocking the latest invention from SoundOff Signal - The Soundoff APEX LED Lightbar as well as the SoundOff SkyFire LED Lightbar . Both items have some features that are going to offer a feature set and price point that will be very competitive.

Check out our product pages for each of these lightbars. The APEX lightbar is going to save you and your agency money on gas mileage. It's designed so that it has the lowest wind resistance possible. It's very aerodynamic. Less friction with the wind means more gas mileage for you. Even when prices were low this bar can save all of us money in fuel. Bottom line - the lower wind resistance your LED lightbar gives - the more it affects your bottom lline.

The Skyfire lightbar is dedicated to towing companies and wrecker operators a high quality product at a price that really helps out on the budget. We aren't going to release pricing information yet as it is NOT finalized, but we can say that it is going to be a price point not seen in the a LED lightbar of this quality. Plus - another great thing about this bar is that it's going to be very modular. Add as little to the bar as you need and save money or add as much to the lightbar that you want to get a fully customizable LED lightbar. It's really going

Monday, August 8, 2011

LED Flashlights On The Way - BRIGHT!

We have new flashlights on the way from Nebo tools. You have to checkout the new high power Redline LED flashlight. This thing is great! It's over 200 lumens and really is a super bright.

Check out our LED Flashlights NOW!

Check this out!

Settings – 220 lumens / 110 lumens / 22 lumens / S.O.S. / Defensive Strobe
Runtime – 100% - 4 hours of continuous illumination
50% - 8 hours of continuous illumination
10% - 15 hours of continuous illumination
S.O.S. - 72 hours of continuous illumination
Strobe - 72 hours of continuous illumination
Length – 4.5”
Diameter – 1.5”
Weight – 0.428 lbs.
Batteries – 3 AAA batteries (included)
The ability to bring high-end technology to a compact, fully-redesigned, extremely powerful light source is finally here. The REDLINE™ is our brightest flashlight to date, 220 lumens of pure white light to be exact. In automobiles, redlining is reaching the peak of its performance; whereas we, with NEBO REDLINE™ are harnessing the maximum power of this flashlight with 220 lumens of blinding bright light. (NOTE: Anything above 50 lumens within a 10 yard distance may cause temporary blindness when viewed directly.) The REDLINE™ has 5 lighting modes, 100% white light (220 lumens), 50% white light (110 lumens), 10% white light (22 lumens), S.O.S. mode (220 lumens), or emergency strobe mode (220 lumens). This flashlight has a 4x adjustable beam that works with any light setting to change the REDLINE™ from a flood light to illuminate everything within a 20 yard distance, or to a spot light to focus up to 150 yards. The bezel of the REDLINE™ controls the adjustable beam. The red ring of the NEBO REDLINE™ enhances all of the features of this flashlight.
  • One high power LED bulb outputs 220 lumens of light (bulb rated for 110,000+ hours of life)
  • Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-resistant compact body design
  • Magnetic base for hands-free lighting
  • Aggressive self-defense face
  • Rear glow-in-the-dark button uses hard/soft touch technology
    • Hard Touch: Simply click through the functions. (Light will turn off in between settings.) NOTE: Light will reset to first setting (100% ON after being off for 20 seconds.)
    • Soft Touch: Press button halfway with no click. This allows the user to cycle through the settings quickly without the light turning off between settings.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SoundOff Intersector LED Light - Innovation and Quality

SoundOff Intersector LED Light - Innovation and Quality

Emergency warning equipment has advanced exponentially over the past 10 years. We went from a large use of strobe lighting to a overwhelming adaptation of LED lighting. The benefits are too numerous to list in this topic, so we shall save that for another post. Simply put, there are huge advantages to update your existing lighting package to an LED lighting package.

Many innovations have been designed on specific types of lighting as well. For example, LED dash lights have transformed into a highly versatile, almost overly bright device that you can count on for years to come. There hasn't been much innovation in the "Mirror Light" category of emergency lighting for quite some time. That is until now.

Mirror lighting is simply put just that; emergency lighting that attaches to your mirror. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked categories of lighting. The reason this type of lighting is so important is because it warns motorist during the most dangerous point in your emergency response - that is intersections. Most lighting warns to the front or rear, but mirror lighting is designed to disperse light at an angle so that while you are clearing and intersection, motorists approaching to each side of you have another attention getter. Installed correctly, they are somewhat effective. However the problem with traditional LED or strobe mirror lighting, is that due to the design of most vehicle mirrors, they were very directional; you had a limited angle of good light output.

The Soundoff Intersector changes all that. The SoundOff Intersector LED Mirror light does not attach to the back of your mirror as all other mirror lights do, the SoundOff Intersector actually "hangs" below the mirror. This in itself widens your light output by a great amount. More of the intersection can see your warning device when installed this way than the traditional way of rear mirror mounting. But the guys and gals at SoundOff in Hudsonville, MI designed the Intersector LED light to provide at least 180 degrees of warning. This is a technological feat that has not gone unnoticed. When the Intersector is installed correctly, it warns both in front of you on both sides of your emergency vehicle, as well as directly to each side of you.

Look at the picture to the left. This gives you a better example at the true light output of the SoundOff Intersector LED light. No other light has been able to accomplish such a huge angle of warning power. With 9 powerful generation 3 LED's, you'll be able to rest assured that you are getting the most warning power possible. stocks the SoundOff Intersector which has a wide array of mounting options included. Have questions, email us or call us at 1-800-646-1086!



Monday, June 20, 2011

LED Scene Lighting Critical To Effective Operations

Let's face it - the tones drop and you roll out of the bed or couch at dark thirty in the morning and you are off to save the life or property that you have committed to save. However when you get there, you realize that you can't see. Scene lighting is crucial to effective scene operations!

Flashlights have become extremely power devices that require little power and produce a huge output. However, effective night time fire and rescue operations call for an effect Scene Lighting plan. When your first engine arrives on scene do you think about how you are going to illuminate the accident or fire that you have arrived at? Your department needs to think about this as well as all of the other aspects of firefighting, when developing standard operating procedures/guidelines.

Just as flashlights have become powerful, the LED Scene Lighting Products that are being produced today, do not require much power. You can install many of them on standard 12v electrical systems. You can keep your generators out off of the engine. Sound Off Signal has a complete line of scene lighting options that may work into how you operate. Check them out here!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Firefighter Nomex Hoods Are Designed To Keep You Cool

When you go into fight a fire, you want to be as protected as possible. You need to full deal, bunker coat and pants, boots, helmet, scba tank and a fire hood so your skin is covered in the event of flash over or steam burns. With the full heat of summer in swing, you are going to get HOT! That's why it's important when choosing your PPE equipment to be very careful to choose one that's going to be light but protect you the most.

A nomex fire hood is an often overlooked part of your personal protective gear. You want the same in a fire hood as you do in your other gear. You want it to protect you for the type of attack you are making on the fire, but you also want one that is not going to get in the way of your attack. Most firefighters also want a third element - STYLE!

There has been a big move in the fire service for nomex hoods to depict personality. Well we have you covered! Literally - we have all sorts of styles and levels of protection for your next fire hood with nomex hoods, carbon fiber hoods, pink fire hoods and more. Check out our complete line of fire hoods at The Public Safety

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mini LED Light Bar Buying Guide

Mini LED light bars attach to the top of the roof of a vehicle to give 360 degree warning to motorists around you. There are hundreds of models and choices that you have when selecting the right LED mini bar for you. Do you know what you should look for? Have you ever really thought about what makes a LED mini bar a good choice for you? At compiled a list of a few things that you can refer to when choosing.

1. Application - Figure out what you are using the light bar for. Is this going to be for emergency response? Or are you using it for something like snow plowing. Although this seems obvious, you should plan ahead to figure out the entire usage of your LED light bar - it will make it easier to choose in the future.

2. Color - What color are you legally allowed to use on your vehicle. Some state laws allow you to use several colors, some are very restrictive. Here in Kentucky for example, police can only use blue & white (unless an incorporated city) and fire can use red & white including all volunteer firefighters.

3. Mounting - You'll need to choose your mounting option. Usually there are 2 choices - either magnetic light bar mounts or permanent mounts. Magnetic mounting simply uses 4 or more very powerful magnets and sit atop your vehicles roof. Although very strong and rare instances can occur, it is not recommended by most manufacturers to drive a vehicle with a magnetic mounted LED light bar attached to the top of your vehicle. To us this is just like Q-Tips(c) saying you can't stick them in your ear. The magnets work however officially it isn't recommended to stay on the top of your vehicles roof. The permanent mount option uses screws and bolts to mount in some fashion to the top of a BackRack 3rd party bracket or even directly to your vehicles roof.

4. Power Connection - While this is usually determined by the mounting you'll still need to figure how you are going to power your mini LED light bar. Typically magnetic mounted lightbars have a plug that you can plug into your cigarette plug in your vehicle. The plug usually have a power switch as well as some type of pattern selection switch to change the patterns on the LED light bar. If you choose to go with a permanent mounted light bar, usually you will have several wires that you can manually use switches to control the power and pattern.

5. Price - Price can vary greatly. With The Pinnacle Mini Bar from ThePublicSafetyStore, lower price does not mean a lower quality. Check it out now!

Have more suggestions? Add them below. And as always, if you have questions, email or call us so that we can answer them for you!

Sean @

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bad Weather Needs Good Warning!

There have been some availability issues on the Sound Off Pinnacle LED light bar particularly in the Amber / Magnetic combination.

We are happy to say that we have plenty of these in stock now.

When it comes to an LED light bar while snow plowing you need something that's going to last. You need an LED light bar that will provide long lasting warning power as you plow the streets. As inclement weather seems to upon everyone, just keep us in mind for your equipment needs.

The Sound Off Pinnacle LED light bar is a very powerful, bright led light bar that will give you the extra visibility it takes to do your job safely as possible.

Let us know if we can help.