Monday, June 20, 2011

LED Scene Lighting Critical To Effective Operations

Let's face it - the tones drop and you roll out of the bed or couch at dark thirty in the morning and you are off to save the life or property that you have committed to save. However when you get there, you realize that you can't see. Scene lighting is crucial to effective scene operations!

Flashlights have become extremely power devices that require little power and produce a huge output. However, effective night time fire and rescue operations call for an effect Scene Lighting plan. When your first engine arrives on scene do you think about how you are going to illuminate the accident or fire that you have arrived at? Your department needs to think about this as well as all of the other aspects of firefighting, when developing standard operating procedures/guidelines.

Just as flashlights have become powerful, the LED Scene Lighting Products that are being produced today, do not require much power. You can install many of them on standard 12v electrical systems. You can keep your generators out off of the engine. Sound Off Signal has a complete line of scene lighting options that may work into how you operate. Check them out here!

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