Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soundoff Apex & Soundoff Skyfire LED Lightbars

We have been informed that there are some new advancements coming in the tune of new LED lightbars from Sound Off Signal. SoundOff Signal has been developing new innovations in technology in the warning light industry for over 30 years. They invented the headlight flasher or the wig-wag as we know it today.

Soon we'll be stocking the latest invention from SoundOff Signal - The Soundoff APEX LED Lightbar as well as the SoundOff SkyFire LED Lightbar . Both items have some features that are going to offer a feature set and price point that will be very competitive.

Check out our product pages for each of these lightbars. The APEX lightbar is going to save you and your agency money on gas mileage. It's designed so that it has the lowest wind resistance possible. It's very aerodynamic. Less friction with the wind means more gas mileage for you. Even when prices were low this bar can save all of us money in fuel. Bottom line - the lower wind resistance your LED lightbar gives - the more it affects your bottom lline.

The Skyfire lightbar is dedicated to towing companies and wrecker operators a high quality product at a price that really helps out on the budget. We aren't going to release pricing information yet as it is NOT finalized, but we can say that it is going to be a price point not seen in the a LED lightbar of this quality. Plus - another great thing about this bar is that it's going to be very modular. Add as little to the bar as you need and save money or add as much to the lightbar that you want to get a fully customizable LED lightbar. It's really going

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