Thursday, June 18, 2020

Where To Find & Buy Cleaning Supplies In Stock

A lot of people are looking for cleaning supplies right now and after searching for hours most people usually give up when trying to find disinfectants and santizers. Most people find that people who say in stock are shipping 30 - 45 days from now. It's frustrating and down right dishonest.

Items listed here ship within 24 hours after you place the order.

  1. DISINFECTANT SPRAY - This is hard to find and hard to get. A fair price - this kills 99.99% (I know it should just say 100, but it doesn't) of all germs. It has a pleasant smell and has foaming action to help with the cleaning process. Great buy!
  2. HAND SANITIZER - So many companies have been advertising hand sanitizer like it is gold. This 9 ounce container has a really good smell and is made by a US company. It is in stock at the time of this post and is selling quick.
  3. FOAMING HAND SOAP - This one has been really tough to find in the market place. We haven't seen many stores have this in stock - even in the big box stores. Great foaming action and leaves your hands feeling clean and no residue.
  4. CLOROX SPRAY - OK this one - we NEVER thought we would see available. CLOROX SPRAY! Are you kidding me? This is the real deal. Priced at a fair price (all things considered) and in stock ready to ship. This one will keep you germ free.