Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Firefighter Monopoly Edition

This is just the hottest thing every year. If you are a firefighter or know a firefighter you need to get this. It's the firefighters monopoly. The single most popular item on our store. Here is the catch - the run out very quickly. So you have to ORDER THEM NOW! - ORDER THEM HERE NOW!

Firefighters Monopoly is so fun! It is truly a family or station event. Get your whole family involved. We have taken this classic board game that we all know and love and turned it into a perfect gift for any firefighter or family member. Playing secret Santa at the firehouse? Get this gift and any firefighter would love it!

It's a five-alarm emergency on the special Firefighters Edition of Monopoly, honoring the men and women of the fire and rescue service worldwide.

As you buy, sell and trade your favorite properties, you'll need to summon all of your fire and rescue skills to take command of the firehouses an headquarters on the board. If you succeed, not only will lives be saved and heroism rewarded, but you'll get an instant promotion to Fire Chief... until the next game anyway!

Designed for firefighters -- and their friends, family and fans, take a roll of the dice to round Probie Place and head for Firefighting Freeway. Be careful not to make your station buddies sick with your cooking when you pick up a Flashover or Backdraft card. And, just remember...going to Jail is just like getting called into the Chief's Office, so watch out and stay safe as you enjoy this special Firefighters Edition of the world's most popular board game, MONOPOLY.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all of you. I hope that all of you are safe and sound that you step back and thank those that risk their lives to serve and protect us at home and abroad. Remember what the day is about and celebrate our freedom!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sound Off Signal LED Grill Lights On Sale

Look guys if you are needing an LED grill light, now is the time to jump on this. We have an overstock of the Sound Off LED3 Grill Light and so in order to get back down to normal levels, I am offering it at a never before seen price of $39.99. These are truly going fast and this isn't a sales gimmick! Just good ole' fashioned low prices. Now I can't combine them with any other offer you may get but just know that we have some of these still left but they are going quick. I have all public safety colors in stock, red, amber, white, and blue.

The Sound Off LED3 Surface Mount Grill Light is a light with many applications. Plus it's backed by a Public Safety Store / Sound Off Signal 5 year warranty. You know your getting the best of the best.

Sound Off LED3 Grill Light

Carson Police Sirens - The Proper Method

There are so many times that I see and hear of other people "mis-using" their police siren or Carson Siren while operating in an emergency mode. I hear tales all the time of someone who leaves their siren in one tone, wail for example, the entire time while responding to the scene. I have heard of even randomly changing tones on the siren when no one is in sight. So what are you supposed to do? Here is a few of our suggestions on the proper use of your Carson Sirens that you purchase from

First if no one is in sight while responding - it's probably okay to leave it on one tone. The idea is to maximize warning power which in turn maximizes safety. If you live in a rural area, you may pass less traffic while on your way to the scene. Leaving your siren on wail in this situation is best recommended. You don't want to move your hands from the steering wheel to change tones and in this case you don't need to. Some of you say it's nice to show off your siren tones when you can - but this is not the time. An emergency exists and you need to focus on defensive driving tactics that allows you to respond to the scene, siren and all, safely.

But let's say you don't live in a very rural area and you have many traffic intersections or other locations where you are likely to encounter heavy traffic. What do you do then? How do you use your nice and shiny Carson Siren then? I have heard / seen many times an operator continually use the same siren tone during the entire length of their drive - wherever it may be. This is probably not the best idea either. Put your self in the other drivers seat. The one who you need to move to the right or simply get out the way. They have a radio on , a new car that's very well insulated, and the A/C on. You have your police siren on wail a nice long ramp up and a nice long ramp down. About one full cycle every 5-6 seconds depending on what model of siren you have. When the other driver has all of the other distractions on a slow tone like wail has an tendency to slowly become "normal" to the driver of the other vehicle. When you disrupt that "normalcy" by changing tones on your Carson Siren, then this will alert the driver to observe the surroundings and hopefully make an appropriate decision aka get out of the way.

It is typical to change the siren tone approximately 500-1000 feet prior to any intersection. Change from the wail to the yelp and then as you stop at the intersection (even if you have the right-a-way) change the intersection again and make eye contact with each driver to assure they see you. You never know what someone else is thinking.

Also a good rule of thumb when using your siren while responding to a call is leave the siren on 100% of the time. Even if you don't see vehicles. I personally have not done this and then have struck deer while responding. It's a good animal deterrent if you live in rural areas. Finally when you do see a vehicle or another hazard, that's a good reason to change the tone up. Switch to wail, yelp, or even the phaser tone.

To see a complete list the features of Carson Sirens - just go to our Sirens Page.

To hear the tones go to our Siren Sounds Page.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Need Audible Warning But Can't Use A Siren?

There are many states that do not allow their volunteer firefighters to use full featured sirens to respond to emergencies. In Kentucky for example, the law states that volunteer firefighters MUST use visual and audible warning devices if you wish to respond to emergencies and drive above the speed limit (among other liberties) as long as due regard for the safety is followed. Kentucky volunteer firefighter vehicles are actually considered emergency vehicles while they are responding.

However, in other states, such as Indiana, volunteers are prohibited from responding with lights and/or sirens when responding to an emergency. But we think we have a partial solution to that problem.

Carson has introduced a new line of products for volunteers specifically that give them a little warning and at the same time keep it within the limits of the law.

Carson has essentially created an air-horn only device utilizing Carson Sirens new Air Horn sound. These devices do not have wail, yelp or other siren features, yet only an air-horn. First is the inside non-waterproof HA-100 amp. The HA-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn Amp is the low-cost electronic air horn alternative for volunteer firefighter POV's, especially in states that restrict POV siren use. This professional grade, 100 watt amplifier is a loud and legal* enhancement to any POV light package, providing the traffic clearing attention needed to make it quickly and safely on scene.

The HA-100 was developed as an inexpensive solution to address the challenges that volunteers, working in states that restrict POV siren use, face when responding to emergency calls. Without an audible warning component in their POV's, volunteers lack a primary tool for gaining driver attention and clearing traffic when en route to an emergency scene. By providing a “horn-only” (no siren tones) feature, the HA-100 is legal in most states. As a result, it offers the benefit of a much needed audible warning solution, but without the question or concern of it being legal to use. It is still recommended, however, to consult local/state vehicle codes to ensure compliance with vehicle horn regulations.

The second model available is for under the hood or anywhere else that you need a waterproof device. This makes it really easy to install because you can place your air-horn close to the power source. That means less wires because you don't have to run a power source inside the vehicle.

This professional grade, 100 watt amplifier incorporates the power of a simulated “stutter” air horn with the reliable quality not found in other aftermarket horn products. Its compact, waterproof design offers flexible, easy installation options for any vehicle. And at roughly the size of a bar of soap, the HA-150 is ideal for installations on volunteer POV's, as well as, motorcycles, ATV's, and marine craft. It is also a cost-effective alternative for apparatus, ambulances, escorts, towing, recovery, DOT, or other service vehicles that are not equipped with compressed air horn systems.

These devices are available in packages with speakers as well. Look for these products as well as more interesting products coming from Carson to be added to our web store soon. If you would like to place an order - just call us at 1-800-646-1086.


Stay Safe...
Sean Lawson, Owner