Saturday, May 4, 2013

Phenix Leather Fire Helmets - A Little Info

Many of you have come to our store to find out what we have been saying for years - Phenix Fire Helmets are a remarkable product at an extremely competitive price point. That - you like. Our prices are the lowest price we are allowed to advertise. That's just the way we do business. We provide excellent products at the lowest possible price to you. Simple. Although our retail store location will be announced in the coming weeks (more to follow on that!) and a new quickship in stock program is coming for our helmets, we want to clear up some myths that seem to be surrounding the production of the leather helmet.

First, let's talk about what the Phenix Leather Helmet is comprised of. It's base startes with a Thermoplastic shell that is then encapsulated by high quality leather. The shell provides strength to the helmet so that if something falls on your head, your noggin is protected. Although leather can meet the specifications of protection on it's own, you must make the leather rigid. This adds weight, and restricts you from easily molding and bending the helmet once it is delvered. If you want the lid (slang for a fire helmet) to be lighter and flexible, the thermoplastic shell is necessary.

Secondly and more imporantly - is the leather itself. Just in case some of you are not aware - or just never thought about it. Leather usually comes from animal skin. There are not many animals that we know of that are shaped in the form of a firefighting helmet (at least not those that would meet NFPA compliancy). Needless to say, the leather must be processed, tanned, shaped, cut, peiced together and finally sewn into the form of the helmet. There are many peices of leather that comprise of a fire helmet. So, leather helmets are a custom product.

Finally - the goodies! Once the leather helmet is finally manufactured we have to add all of the goodies to make it NFPA or OSHA compliant. Although full NFPA codes are not available for free, if you are interested in some of the testing requirements for helmets under NFPA 1971, read THIS and THIS. It gets better in the full requirement.

This means that we add tetrahedrons, eye protection, ear protection, suspension system and "energy absorbing systems" just to name a few.

Folks, I tell you all of that so I can tell you this. Leather helmets are a CUSTOM PRODUCT.

We try to stock everything we sell. It's just part of how we do business. We expand our warehouse to meet your demand, we upgrade phone systems to meet your call volume, we come to your firehouse and meet you when you are looking for new product - we do whatever it takes to satisfy you, our customer. Folks, without you we are nothing. When we say that - we mean it.

That being said - it is impossible for us (or we think anyone) to stock every combination possible of firefighter helmets. It would litteraly require hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep in stock every helmet in every combination possible. Im no statistician but that combination is astronomical.

We allow your product to be custom ordered as you place the order we place the order with Phenix Fire Helmets. Remember when I said they are an awesome product??? Well, many others have found the same thing. Orders at the factory are UP - WAY UP. Most leather helmet manufacturers are running about 3-7 MONTHS. At Phenix Fire Helmets, they can get a CUSTOM leather helmet out in 10 weeks. A far better time frame than most.

Again - we will be launching a quickship program soon - where we have certain combinations in stock. For now when you order a wonderfully comfortable and extremely lightweight Phenix Fire Helmet from us, please know that it can take 10 weeks to deliver to you. I don't like it either. When I order my toys - I want them now. BUT - this is a QUALITY product and an extremely affordable and competitive price that will last you your entire fire service career.

Ok I am off my soapbox!

Stay tuned for announcments from us but in the meantime friends, stay safe & stay LOW!

In Service,

Lexington, KY