Thursday, July 21, 2011

SoundOff Intersector LED Light - Innovation and Quality

SoundOff Intersector LED Light - Innovation and Quality

Emergency warning equipment has advanced exponentially over the past 10 years. We went from a large use of strobe lighting to a overwhelming adaptation of LED lighting. The benefits are too numerous to list in this topic, so we shall save that for another post. Simply put, there are huge advantages to update your existing lighting package to an LED lighting package.

Many innovations have been designed on specific types of lighting as well. For example, LED dash lights have transformed into a highly versatile, almost overly bright device that you can count on for years to come. There hasn't been much innovation in the "Mirror Light" category of emergency lighting for quite some time. That is until now.

Mirror lighting is simply put just that; emergency lighting that attaches to your mirror. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked categories of lighting. The reason this type of lighting is so important is because it warns motorist during the most dangerous point in your emergency response - that is intersections. Most lighting warns to the front or rear, but mirror lighting is designed to disperse light at an angle so that while you are clearing and intersection, motorists approaching to each side of you have another attention getter. Installed correctly, they are somewhat effective. However the problem with traditional LED or strobe mirror lighting, is that due to the design of most vehicle mirrors, they were very directional; you had a limited angle of good light output.

The Soundoff Intersector changes all that. The SoundOff Intersector LED Mirror light does not attach to the back of your mirror as all other mirror lights do, the SoundOff Intersector actually "hangs" below the mirror. This in itself widens your light output by a great amount. More of the intersection can see your warning device when installed this way than the traditional way of rear mirror mounting. But the guys and gals at SoundOff in Hudsonville, MI designed the Intersector LED light to provide at least 180 degrees of warning. This is a technological feat that has not gone unnoticed. When the Intersector is installed correctly, it warns both in front of you on both sides of your emergency vehicle, as well as directly to each side of you.

Look at the picture to the left. This gives you a better example at the true light output of the SoundOff Intersector LED light. No other light has been able to accomplish such a huge angle of warning power. With 9 powerful generation 3 LED's, you'll be able to rest assured that you are getting the most warning power possible. stocks the SoundOff Intersector which has a wide array of mounting options included. Have questions, email us or call us at 1-800-646-1086!




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