Sunday, March 7, 2010

Need Audible Warning But Can't Use A Siren?

There are many states that do not allow their volunteer firefighters to use full featured sirens to respond to emergencies. In Kentucky for example, the law states that volunteer firefighters MUST use visual and audible warning devices if you wish to respond to emergencies and drive above the speed limit (among other liberties) as long as due regard for the safety is followed. Kentucky volunteer firefighter vehicles are actually considered emergency vehicles while they are responding.

However, in other states, such as Indiana, volunteers are prohibited from responding with lights and/or sirens when responding to an emergency. But we think we have a partial solution to that problem.

Carson has introduced a new line of products for volunteers specifically that give them a little warning and at the same time keep it within the limits of the law.

Carson has essentially created an air-horn only device utilizing Carson Sirens new Air Horn sound. These devices do not have wail, yelp or other siren features, yet only an air-horn. First is the inside non-waterproof HA-100 amp. The HA-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn Amp is the low-cost electronic air horn alternative for volunteer firefighter POV's, especially in states that restrict POV siren use. This professional grade, 100 watt amplifier is a loud and legal* enhancement to any POV light package, providing the traffic clearing attention needed to make it quickly and safely on scene.

The HA-100 was developed as an inexpensive solution to address the challenges that volunteers, working in states that restrict POV siren use, face when responding to emergency calls. Without an audible warning component in their POV's, volunteers lack a primary tool for gaining driver attention and clearing traffic when en route to an emergency scene. By providing a “horn-only” (no siren tones) feature, the HA-100 is legal in most states. As a result, it offers the benefit of a much needed audible warning solution, but without the question or concern of it being legal to use. It is still recommended, however, to consult local/state vehicle codes to ensure compliance with vehicle horn regulations.

The second model available is for under the hood or anywhere else that you need a waterproof device. This makes it really easy to install because you can place your air-horn close to the power source. That means less wires because you don't have to run a power source inside the vehicle.

This professional grade, 100 watt amplifier incorporates the power of a simulated “stutter” air horn with the reliable quality not found in other aftermarket horn products. Its compact, waterproof design offers flexible, easy installation options for any vehicle. And at roughly the size of a bar of soap, the HA-150 is ideal for installations on volunteer POV's, as well as, motorcycles, ATV's, and marine craft. It is also a cost-effective alternative for apparatus, ambulances, escorts, towing, recovery, DOT, or other service vehicles that are not equipped with compressed air horn systems.

These devices are available in packages with speakers as well. Look for these products as well as more interesting products coming from Carson to be added to our web store soon. If you would like to place an order - just call us at 1-800-646-1086.


Stay Safe...
Sean Lawson, Owner

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