Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sound Off Signal LED Grill Lights On Sale

Look guys if you are needing an LED grill light, now is the time to jump on this. We have an overstock of the Sound Off LED3 Grill Light and so in order to get back down to normal levels, I am offering it at a never before seen price of $39.99. These are truly going fast and this isn't a sales gimmick! Just good ole' fashioned low prices. Now I can't combine them with any other offer you may get but just know that we have some of these still left but they are going quick. I have all public safety colors in stock, red, amber, white, and blue.

The Sound Off LED3 Surface Mount Grill Light is a light with many applications. Plus it's backed by a Public Safety Store / Sound Off Signal 5 year warranty. You know your getting the best of the best.

Sound Off LED3 Grill Light

1 comment:

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