Friday, December 11, 2009

Want to buy a gift for that new Firefighter?

It's crunch time - Christmas is just 12 days away at the time that I am writing this. You have those hard to get firefighters in your life and you have no idea what to get them.

No worries - we are here to help. There are certain gifts that every firefighter will love - we'll talk about Carson Sirens & Sound Off Signal and we'll talk about other great gifts as well.

The most popular gift for any firefighter has to be the Carson Sirens & Sound Off Signal Siren Combo Kit. You need to figure out if the person you are buying for has a siren on his or her vehicle. Just in case you don't know what a siren is, it's the thing that goes woo-woo! I know that sounds silly but readers not in the fire service simply might not know the terms. If the person you are buying for does not have one - The Combo Kit is a PERFECT gift. It's easy to add this to the vehicle and if they don't have one already - they will LOVE YOU!

Let's say this person has the siren and lights on his or her vehicle. What do you buy them now? There is one thing that every firefighter must have. Just as you ladies out there need a purse for your "things", a firefighter must have a similar item to haul his or her stuff. The Public Safety Store Deluxe Fire Gear Bag is a steal at only $39.99. We have plenty in stock - order it now before Christmas comes.

Finally if you don't need a Carson Siren. When it comes to safety on the scene of an emergency, there is nothing more valued than a Public Safety Fire Vest. It's not only practical, relitivly enexpensive, it's the law. Every police, fire, ems & even reporters are required by law to have a high visibility vest while on the scene of an emergency. So pick up a vest for your favorite loved one RIGHT NOW!

You do need to hurry, because Christmas is coming quick. We have plenty of other options as well. Carson Sirens is our hottest seller, but look at these as well as other gifts to keep your loved one warm & safe during these holiday season!

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