Saturday, December 12, 2009

To China Or Not To China - Outsourcing In Public Safety Equipment

Foreign made public safety equipment is a hot topic right now in the equipment business. Many companies are selling decent products that are in fact made oversees. Some of these products are high quality, innovative products that have a role in the field. Many companies offer foreign made police sirens, dash lights, siren speakers, and even LED grill lights. The problem is that some companies, particularly online, offer exact replicas of police sirens and the other product mentioned above, as the American companies who invented the original product.

This means that some companies get an American made product and copy it then sell it back in America at a cost sometimes 25% of the cost of the original. The good news about those products is that the price is so much lower. The bad news is that the quality on THESE sirens and other emergency warning equipment, is much less - FAR less - than the original.

Here is the way we feel about it...

Although some of our siren speakers are assembled outside of America, for the most part - all of our products are produced right here in the USA. That's something that we are proud of and if possible will continue to offer these products to you, our customer.

Most all of our Sound Off Signal line of dash lights, emergency warning equipment, mini light bars, headlight flashers. strobe kits, and other products are manufactured at the Sound Off Signal factory in Hudsonville, Michigan. We have visited the factory and know the hard working individuals who work there. They employ about 100 people and recently have obtained incentives to hire more people as they make huge American investments in their new line of LED lighting.

100% of our sirens we sell are made in Indianapolis, IN at the Carson Sirens factory. Those people are a close knit family who works hard to keep good ole' American quality up and prices low. Carson Sirens are the most rugged police siren, ems siren, and fire siren in the world PERIOD. We have that much confidence in them. Carson Sirens are simply the best siren in the world. When you look at the cost, the quality and the features of Carson Sirens - you can't deny that.

Globalization is here to stay and has been here for quite sometime. It is beneficial for some customers and for some business are the right fit. But here at The Public Safety Store - we think that we want to sell the highest quality products possible. That's what we will continue to do.

The next time you are looking for a lightbar ask yourself - "Why is this half the cost of a big name brand?" Brand name only cost a certain amount - anything more than that, and you are suffering quality. Simple as that. Don't put your safety at risk to save a few dollars. Do you think a skydiver buys his parachutes at the cheapest price possible? Don't put your safety at risk and buy the cheapest siren, lightbar, or public safety vest. It just doesn't make since.


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